CBL Radio 91.7 FM Bandung

Bandung Citra Lestari (CBL) Radio
In accordance with the culture of young people in Bandung who are creative and innovative, CBL Radio try to fulfill their desires and needs by creating programs that represent what is desired by them, with informative format, entertainment, and also educative.

CBL Radio reinforces its existence through its on-air and off-air programme that is attractive and in tune with young people's lifestyle. Supported by a dynamic crew, CBL Radio always gives its best to establish familiarity and intimacy with their listener. The existence of the programme in talkshow format, interactive, live music, interview, and also on the spot event, whether at school, college, or community, give the space to express themselves in accordance with its identity as a youngster.

CBL Radio is music
It cannot be denied that the main factor in the development of youth culture is the music. For audio media, has become absolutely necessary for CBL Radio to always follow the market trends and tastes of young people in music. Supported by a crew who are experts in music and have a sense of high art, making CBL Radio as a medium for expression.

CBL Radio is a lifestyle
Lifestyle is key to a free association of young and dynamic. CBL Radio comes with a carrying information about the lives of young people who are always up-to-date with local and global culture. CBL Radio is a medium for young people to exist within.

CBL is a community radio
CBL Radio grow and develop with the local communities who are independent and insightful. Closeness between CBL Radio and local communities make a great force that can provide change for the younger generation to be more critical to the development and advancement of culture.

CBL Radio is a partner promotion
In the face of media competition, CBL Radio trying to be in the forefront with innovative breakthroughs and creative ideas that emerged from the hands of young children is one of them by using internet based technologies through Web 2.0 and also live stream that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Time spent Listening "CBL friend" is 7.33 hours per day *

* AC Nielsen 2008 Wave 2